Annotation Kit 2.0

Annotation Kit 2.0

Annotation Kit has been totally revamped! Since the original kit came out, new versions of Auto Layout shipped, and Variants also shipped with Figma. This made us want to redo this buddy and make it more useful than ever.

If you’re looking for a quick overview check this video out on Loom.

Annotation Kit is here for you to document your work with stickies, lines, and annotations.

We distribute Annotation Kit to our entire design team at Mixpanel to help better document and communicate our work. It’s quick and easy to add lines, stickies, and annotations to help add context and communicate what’s going on in your files as you’re working. We hope these components are as helpful to you as they are to us.

If you’ve got any feature requests or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below, or reach out on Twitter to @mixpanel or @markjohnsoncc.



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