Flagpack Free Icons Pack

Flagpack Free Icons Pack

Stoked to share a glimpse of the particles system we’ve made for the Flagpack website faux 3d illustrations. Mostly proud because we’re happy with the systematic approach to these designs. And of course also humbled by all of the incredible (interface designer who’ve also become) 3d artists who *are* able to create actual 3d illustrations knowing there are plenty flaws from a 3d technical point of view. 

We started working on the the Flagpack websiteprobably around early 2019 back before the 3d illustrations had become a ‘trend’. It’s funny how this trend has caught up with us. Originally these were made in Sketch. We redid them in the past few months in Figma. Not only as an exercise but also to be able to extend on the set if needed for future website updates.


Sketch, Figma

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