Introducing Assistants — a helping hand for your designs

  • Assistants can help you spot issues with your documents, stay consistent with design systems and prepare your files for collaboration

  • With a little coding knowledge, you can build your own Assistants to benefit your whole team — or the wider community

  • You can start using Assistants right now with version 68 of the Mac app

Built by us, made by you

You can create and customize Assistants using JavaScript — for you, your team, or the whole community. Start with our ready-made rules, or build something completely bespoke.


Ready to run anywhere

Want to check a document with Assistants outside of Sketch? Go right ahead. You can run them from the command line and even add them to Continuous Integration (CI) workflows.


A smarter way to work

Add multiple Assistants to a document to cover different rules. Easily ignore rules for experiments or rough ideas. Then share your document with others to give them the right Assistants automatically.